Specializing in the purchase of legacy data center hardware: servers, storage, networking, HDD, CPU, memory, and more!

About Us

Got Servers?

We specialize in the purchase of Dell, HP, and other x86 based servers.  Send us an email for an immediate offer!

Got Components?

If you have recently upgraded your CPU, memory, or drives, we would like to buy back your old components.  Send us an email with your list of equipment.

Got Office Equipment?

PC's, Laptops, Tablets, Phones, etc.  Let us know what's taking up space and we'll send you a competitive quote right away.


Portfolio Analysis

Let us do the hard work.  We can analyze your hardware portfolio and let you know exactly what configuration(s) you have, and what it's worth.

Reverse Logistics

If you need help removing old hardware from your data center, we're here for you.  We can uninstall, pack, and ship back to our facility leaving your space clean and ready for new equipment.

Testing and Fast Payment

We test and pay all purchases within 30 days.  Need payment sooner? Just ask!

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